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It was a pilot project. I made primitive layout. In the admin area, which has been on the client-side, made context menu (on click any mouse button), in which admin could select the operation with model. Products have a variety, in the form of creating goods made automatically adding fields to other properties in AngularJS. On Backend we used MongoDB. Good had parent, and category. Based on this I recursively made breadcrumbs. RESTful API. I made the authorization and registration using JWT, CRUD goods and orders, sending email by changing the status of the goods.

Pilot Project. I only worked with Backend. I made implementing correspondence two users with instant messages. For correspondence used Pusher. I wrote code for definition coordinates of user, depending on points with coordinates and speed of change coordinates (with excluding false or impossible points). Determining of coordinates perform every hour by crontab. returned JSON includes users with coordinates in requested area around the requested point. Redis utilized for rapid response to possible new messages by JWT.