My contribution

I made a page for the contest of letters to St. Nicholas. The user could uploaded the photo to the server (only one), and could vote for his and others (one vote for one photo). If he tried to upload the photo and was not authorized, he saw pop-up with links for registration or logging in. I wrote for this contest js script for returning to the previous page after registration or authorization. Also I did a contest for Valentine's Day. On the page of the contest were links to the category of goods, where you want to search for a gift. When there was a gift on the page of the goods, a pop-up appeared with a form where you had to enter contact information. Competition - 12 days. Gifts and their places were hard coded. I did pop-ups with generating a promotional code -5%, which appeared for the user when he wanted to leave the basket. Using JS I changed some discount icons, and some I hiden in general.


Back end

Front end