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My online business card. My contribution - 100%. Please note the lack of design. Deployment on Docker. HTTP-server - Apache. Version Control - Git. Ahead - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery and AngularJS. Behind - Laravel 5.2, MariaDB. AJAX for localization without reloading the page. On page about is Google reCaptcha, a message came on my mail (if someone writes). Put middleware to track unique IP and agents for the day (didn't implement geo, and it is unlikely there will spin it). Admin panel, I hope, no one will see). Many improvements are planned in all directions.

It was a pilot project. I made primitive layout. In the admin area, which has been on the client-side, made context menu (on click any mouse button), in which admin could select the operation with model. Products have a variety, in the form of creating goods made automatically adding fields to other properties in AngularJS. On Backend we used MongoDB. Good had parent, and category. Based on this I recursively made breadcrumbs. RESTful API. I made the authorization and registration using JWT, CRUD goods and orders, sending email by changing the status of the goods.

Pilot Project. I only worked with Backend. I made implementing correspondence two users with instant messages. For correspondence used Pusher. I wrote code for definition coordinates of user, depending on points with coordinates and speed of change coordinates (with excluding false or impossible points). Determining of coordinates perform every hour by crontab. returned JSON includes users with coordinates in requested area around the requested point. Redis utilized for rapid response to possible new messages by JWT.

A hub for sales vouchers. Planned light and small, so it was decided to use on Backend NodeJS and Express. Database is SQLite. Designed base myself. Backend almost completely was my. I performed: implementing routes, returning the content to the client, recording in the database, reading from the database, the random identifier warrant, parsing the data that was stored as string, request to a remote server to get the secret code of the voucher, Basic authentication, protection against SQL-injection. Implement Sofort(xml) and Trustly(JSON RPC) payment systems. Added button to pay through Trustly in an email. The remote server tried to write on the Go, but the team leader performed this task faster.

Did package to send messages (email, sms, fcm, gcm). Remade using existing payment system UAPay under Omnipay API. Add log of important points. Fixed falling mailing messages through incorrect input in event which served by crontab. Add to admin panel filters on users. Implemented lending system PingYo for Britain on Backend and Frontend. I made it easily extensible to the US and Canada.

I pulled up the layout, did the admin area, sent the form via SMTP, moved from subdomain to hosting, made localization.

I made a page for the contest of letters to St. Nicholas. The user could uploaded the photo to the server (only one), and could vote for his and others (one vote for one photo). If he tried to upload the photo and was not authorized, he saw pop-up with links for registration or logging in. I wrote for this contest js script for returning to the previous page after registration or authorization. Also I did a contest for Valentine's Day. On the page of the contest were links to the category of goods, where you want to search for a gift. When there was a gift on the page of the goods, a pop-up appeared with a form where you had to enter contact information. Competition - 12 days. Gifts and their places were hard coded. I did pop-ups with generating a promotional code -5%, which appeared for the user when he wanted to leave the basket. Using JS I changed some discount icons, and some I hiden in general.

Was involved in the maintenance of the first version, written on an unknown self-script using the Smarty template engine. The site was broken monthly. Replaced the html editor, disabled editing from the admin for the time of the transfer. We transferred it to Yii2, the functionality is maximally reproduced. I wrote a script for the movement of DOM elements (assigning order of records for sorting).

Pulled the layout of the reviews page, fixed the output of the latest news from the blog in a footer, fixed the smtp mailing, cleaned it from the signature of the virus, added feedback management to the administration area, added one more sending to mail when review was wrote.

Made a copy of from the source code, changed the informer in the admin panel

Transfer from a subdomain to another hosting, wrote a simple snippet, corrected 2 other snippets

I pulled up the layout, did the admin panel, sent the form via SMTP, moved it from a subdomain to another hosting, wrote a widget for the output of the last n records from an arbitrary table.

I made mailing from different managers to emails from the form (not yet active) via SMTP, writing forms to different files (in turn), and outputting each file to the each manager.

I pulled out the layout, did the work, did the work with orders, sent the form via SMTP, moved it from the subdomain to the domain, did the wp cart by example, did layout of not empty cart in the navbar, wrote a script to display the gallery when scrolling, blocked the sending of small orders.

I made two modules (for video and documents) on the basis of the module for geoip, replaced one geo api with another one, which also did not fit, replaced with yandex geo

I made the CORS reception, added internationalization, sent CURL, added some functionality to the admin panel, wrote the forms to the file (in the database they saved before me), changed the layout, screwed the geoip, fixed the inability to register the identical emails to the dog (, I attached 3 landing pages, in one I wrote the script for the change the phone code in form, and I attached them to the general registration.

Made the dispatch of AJAX CORS

I pulled out the layout, did the admin area, sent the form to the email. I changed it from Yii to pure php.


I pulled up the layout, did the admin area, sent the form via SMTP, moved it from the subdomain to the domain.

I pulled up the layout, did the admin area, sent the form via SMTP, moved it from the subdomain to the domain.

I sent the form via SMTP, moved it from the subdomain to the domain.